I am quite clear with the basics but still my mock test scores lies between 20-30 how to improve?

I am quite clear with the basics but still I am not able to score above 40 in mock tests how to improve?

15 days ago

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1 Answers
Venkatesh S
Alumni | Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore

As you mentioned, you are already done with basics, you can be in one of the following categories:

I. You are making too many mistakes:

In order to attempt more questions, you may be making a lot of mistakes.
Try to slow down your speed and focus more on your accuracy. Practice more.

3 times strategy: CAT is all about art of leaving tough questions
First, try to solve easy questions without making a mistake. second, try to attempt questions that take more time, but can be solved. If you are still left with time, attempt tough ones.

The obvious question is how to identify easy/lengthy/tough: It comes with practice. Try solving unit test(with fixed time), give more mocks so that you are in a better position by Oct end.

II. You are not able to understand/solve questions:

If you are not able to attempt even ten questions in a section, it means that you are still not thorough with the basics. So, stop taking mocks for a while, and go back to cover your basics first. By now, you already know which topics are more important and fetch more questions in CAT(You may not be able to cover all due to time constraints).

Many of you may be thinking in the back of your mind, we already know it Mr. what is so special you are talking here.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

1. We all know Lasith Malinga, why was he so successful in death over(especially 20:20 format). Every bowler knows yorker is the best way to contain the batsman, but how many bowlers succeed in it. Malinga was consistent in delivering yorker after yorker. You see, it is all about execution and practice

2. Usain Bolt has spent only 325 seconds - a little under five and a half minutes - on the Olympics track, according to Associated Press. But, we don't know how many years of practice has gone in to reach that stage.

11 days ago

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  • Angai Anna

    Thanks a lot for making me understand how it is important to practice a lot and take mocks !

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