I completed my b.tech in the year 2017 and am planning to give CAT exam  in the year 2021.

I completed my b.tech in the year 2017 and am planning to give CAT exam  in the year 2021. I would like to know what are the factors to be considered before opting for CAT. And I also want to know what are the career options I will have with CAT. And about the gap in the academic years and how to deal with that ?

11 days ago

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1 Answers
Aishwarya Nair
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore


Before attempting CAT, I will suggest that you note down the reasons why you want to do an MBA. Often having a clear answer to this goes a long way in keeping you motivateed throughout your CAT journey and beyond.

How will this fit into your long-term goals? What are the things you want to take away from this experience? Online resources may help you to a certain extent while trying to answer these questions, but a lot of it will depend on introspection.

Refer to Answering Why MBA for further inputs on the same.

Once you decide on your reasons for giving CAT, the journey gets easier. You need to figure out schedules and study hourse and ensure that you devote enough time for preparation everyday. You will find a lot of resources for this online as well. The gap in academics will certainly not be detrimental. In fact, your work experience might prove to be an asset when you apply to B Schools.

I hope this helps.

10 days ago

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  • Jayachandra Ganta

    Thanks for your answer. I would be pleased if you can add some more details about how to face the interviews if I have gap years. Precisely my case is that I worked in TCS for a year immediately after completion of my graduation and resigned. And I prepared for competitive exams for two years. Is this going to trouble me in the interviews?

  • Aishwarya Nair

    Hi Jayachandra, With a gap year, converting B-schools does get difficult, especially if you used that year to prepare for competitive exams and did not take up a job. However, it is not impossible. What you can focus on now is getting a good score and then backing it up with a reasonable justification for the gap during your interview process. What else did you do during your gap year? Did you pursue internships, certificate courses or other productive activities in addition to your preparation? If so, you can use that as a basis for your explanation. Above all, don't worry. People have done it before and it is not impossible. Your CAT score is the only thing in your hands at the moment. Be sure to give it your best shot. All the best!

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