I have done my graduation 2019 and have no work ex. Should I be worried for my IIM interview.

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I have given my CFA level 2 in November 2021 results awaiting(It kept on getting postponed since may 2020). I was always keen in the investing and trading in stock market but due to lack of job opportunities ( all the jobs we were able to convert/shortlist was of data entry or data research) in this particular field me and my friend decided to opt out and started trading with our parents money. we had a little success but no satisfaction as I see no growth in this now. Now its been more than 3 years I'm doing this as part-time and have no official proof of work experience. I want to switch into a core finance jobs. I'm really anxious and having sleepless nights that even if I take this year to prepare for CAT and score a good percentile in CAT'22 I won't be able to explain this big gap in my CV and won't be able to convert into a good B-school. Please help.

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