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IIM ABC after 4 year experience

IIM ABC after 4 year experience

Vijay Rana, MBA Aspirant asked 7 months ago

How good is IIMs (ABC) if somebody is going after 4 years of experience (varied work ex with 1 year in analytics) and is an IIT graduate. Please share prospects and typical career options for such high work experience cases. I have heard consulting firms primarily go for freshers. so, what fields are available to experienced students. or ISB is better at this stage.

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 7 months ago

Hi Vijay,
You can always consider doing your MBA from ISB or executive MBA from IIMs A, B, C after one more¬†year of work ex. Marketing companies mostly prefer freshers at the time of recruitment but consulting and analytics firms hire a mix of freshers and people having varied work experience in the domains the company wants at the time campus recruitment. Even if you go for a regular PGDM/PGPM/MBA programme at the older IIMs now, you’ll have a lot of career options to choose from based on your goals and interest. Choose wisely.
Good luck !

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