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Iim brand

Iim brand

Anonymous asked 2 months ago

How will iim brand affect placements and further career advancement as compared to colleges such as nmims, jbims, iits, mdi, sibm

2 Answers
Raghunathan S, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 2 months ago

IIM brand does have its own ring to its name. But it also matters which IIM one hails from. Older IIMs have their strong brand presence and a strong alumni network to reach out to in various stages in your career. The newer IIMs do not have the brand presence as compared to the older IIMs.

As for the colleges mentioned, they cannot match the brand awareness that the older IIMs have. Newer colleges will not have the alumni network that the older IIMs possess. In terms of placement the respective placement reports will help you get extensive insights. 

Adarsh Ranjan, MDI Gurgaon answered 2 months ago

The brand IIM is no more restricted to just three letters ‘IIM’, but is now defined by what follows these three letters. The holy triumvirate of Old IIMs is a league apart, not just with regard to the placement scenario but the general culture, pedagogy & peer mix. The older IIMs, XLRI, FMS, MDI swiftly catching up. The new IIMs and baby IIMs are nowhere close. The tag of being in an IIM (what if new or baby) might bloat them up with pride, but they know the grim truth of stark differences deep within. Not just them, but the recruiters know it too. 
On the other hand, college like JBIMS, MDI, IMT have a well set placement process and alum base in place which aids people in campus placement and in thier professional journey later.  

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