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The Common Admissions Process (CAP) for the IIMs has begun. If you've appeared for the IIM CAP interviews process for IIM Udaipur, IIM Kashipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Raipur, IIM Tiruchirappalli, IIM Jammu, IIM Nagpur, IIM Amritsar, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIM Sambalpur, and IIM Sirmaur, share your 2020 CAP interview experiences on this thread.

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4 Answers

4 Answers

IIM CAP - 10TH February
Location - Delhi

WAT Topic - Can RBI's surplus help the economy to boost?

CAP Interview Experience 2020

1. Why do you want to switch from your current job?

2. Give your opinions on budget...I was talking about 'kisan rail' and 'krishi udaan project' then he interrupted and told me to elaborate on it by giving a situation (couldn't answer properly)

3. Question about family background.

4. What do you think any governance should focus on?(told that education and health care are the most important and elaborated on it).

5. What are your hobbies and then follow up questions.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience - 10th Feb, Forenoon slot
Location: Novotel, Kolkata

Profile: 88/80/84, GEM

CAT 2019 Percentile: 97.8

WAT topic: Is the RBI's surplus transfer to government enough to boost the economy?

CAP 2020 Interview Experience

PI: Two panelists, both male
M1: Tell me about yourself.
M2: So you want to start a payments app. How will you make it secure?
Me: Told about how a payments app verifies IMEI by sending sms automatically apart from otp verification.
M2: From user's perspective, how will you make it secure?
Me: Again told about the otp.
M2: No no...from user's perspective.
Me: Sorry sir, I didn't get you.
M2: I mean have you seen questions being asked to you?
Me: Yes sir, security question. But those are in netbanking not present in modern upi apps.
M2: How is paytm different from upi?
Me: Told
M1: Any recent economic news?
Me: Told about the RBI's 6th bi-monthly policy
M1: What is repo rate? (From my previous answer)
Me: Told
M1: How does repo rate affect economy?
Me: Told
M1: How will you measure inflation?
Me: Dont know sir.
M2: So you are a CSE graduate. What subjects did you study?
Me: Told
M2: So u studied relational DBMS. Can u give me an example of one to one and many to many relationship?
Me: A teacher student relationship can be one to one as well as many to many.
M2: It is a one to many relationship.
Me: Yes sir, it can be one to many also.
M2: Then how is it one to one and many to many?
Me: A private tutor teaching a student at home will be one to one and in school, many teachers teach different subjects to many students will be many to many.
M2: Ok...do you know about sorting algorithms? 
Me: Yes. Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Selection sort.
M2: What is bubble sort? Why is it named bubble?
Me: Told
M2: Do you know about heap sort?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't remember now.
M1: Who got the nobel prize in economics?
M1: What was their area?
Me: Alleviation of poverty
M1: What is poverty? How do you measure it?
M2: So you work in Cognizant. Are you currently working?
Me: Yes
M2: Do you work in a team? How many members?
Me: Yes. 4-5
M1: How will you contribute to the environment?
Me: As I said I want to include one and all under the digital domain through payments app, it will reduce paper usage and hence save trees.
M2: Where is Rann of Kutch? (Out of nowhere)
Me: Gujrat.
M2: Everyone knows that. Where in Gujrat?
Me: Dont know sir.
M2: Why is it famous?
Me: Salt production.
M2: Apart from that?
Me: Dont know sir.
M2: Name two endangered animals. 
Me: One-horned rhinoceros, bengal tiger.
M2: Bengal tiger is no more endangered. Any other?
Me: Dont know.
M1: Ok so we are done. Thank you.

So I wasn't given a choice for extempore, not sure the same case for everyone but I was probably given a harder one as I told the sibm guy sibm was third in my priority. Nevertheless the topic was What would happen if there was no industrialization. I told India would have been better and stuff. They kept trying to counter me and diverge me from the topic. Don't try diverging and you'll be set for the interview. Confidence is the key in the interview.

Then they came to my hobbies, I wrote travelling and watching tv shows and that was peace. Then was asked how MBA would help me and if I had thought about any specializations or so. Just say something. They won't be roasting you. Then we talked a bit about python as I gave the reference how technical things can change businesses. Then they asked if I had any question. I just asked areas of improvement for myself. Then they asked me how long will it take for them to learn python. I said a month or so. Then they told if we aren't smart like you and we had a good laugh about it. Wasn't offered a chocolate :( but we had exceeded the time.

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Hi Guys,I went through CAP in Delhi.

Reporting time was 8:30 AM.

First documents were verified and after that at 9:10 AM, WAT started and its duration was 20 minutes.

WAT Topic - Is CAA 2019 against the spirit of Indian constitution.

After WAT, there was a gap of 20-25 minutes when we were ushered to the PI rooms.

The panel had 2 males,one in his 40's while another in 50's.

My interview went smooth and didn't get grilled at all and most of the questions were around my hometown, my work-ex, about economy, will India reach 5 trillion in next 5 years and also about 1990 economic reforms(LPG) and a bit about stock markets.

Verdict - Awaited.

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CAP: Interview location Mumbai 

WAT: Is India's rank in ease of doing business an achievement or consolation?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 2020

P1: Why did you leave your job?

P1: Took out my final year marksheet and asked questions from it.

P1: Asked about workex and if the domain was ERP!?

P1: What is ERP?

P1: In which bank should I open my savings and current account from RBI/SBI/ICICI?

P1: What is role of RBI?

P2: Tell me about your family.

P2: Tell me about your hobbies.

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