[PGP 2020-2022] IIM Rohtak Interview Experience 2020 | Interview Discussion Thread

The writing ability test and personal interview (WAT-PI) rounds for IIM Rohtak have begun. If you've appeared for the IIM Rohtak interview in 2020, share your interview experiences and important details about the interview process.

Important note - Before sharing your interview experiences, please mention your CAT percentile, academic profile (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and interview location. 

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1 Answers

CAT percentile - 96.68, 10th - 91.2%, 12th - 91%, computer science engineer, 6 months of work ex in digital marketing. 

Interview - 22nd feb 2020, Mumbai 

WAT - Demonetization, bane or a boon?

Interview - 1 Male and 1 Female preofessors

Called my name from inside the hotel room, entered and greeted them. 

M : intoduce yourself in 15 sec ( kept checking the time )

ME : told name, national level kathak dance achievements, undergrad and work role. 

M : so you are a dancer, we will have an extempore about it , TOPIC : why are young children not opting classical dance forms. (30 secs to think)

ME : highlighted the old forms of music, guru-shishya parampara, hard amount of efforts needed, patience for years before recognition etc 

F : so how many classicals dances are there, how is kathak diff from them. 


F : tell me about the mudras you have in kathak

while I started answering and then stopped when 5-6 were left , thinking they won't know all, she asked hat 5 are remaining don't you know all, told her the rest ones

M : what are universal gates, why are they called so and diff between compiler and assembler. ( CS engineeing syllabus)

couldn't answer all so politely said , I am not aware

M : okay, tell us diff between a bill and an act. 

F : and how does bill become act. 

answered, while ending was interrupted

M : so , is it same for money bills also, do we need the majority of rajyasabha for money bills also?

couldn't recall the 2 day facors though

F  Asked 2 questions of probability and statistics, that I was able to answer

  1. ) if there are 6 girls and 4 boys, wht is the probability of a girl being called for the interview after 2 boys have been called
  2. ) how many ways can 3 letters be arranged in 4 envelopes. 

F : tell me the diff between republic, democratic and sovereign. 

got a bit confused in sovereign, if there is a monarch or not

M :  Is saudi arabia sovereign ?

Me ; Yes sir, it is. 

F : Okay then, we are done, have a nice day ahead. 

Me : thankyou for this experience. 


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