XII 94

GRAD- 61.75 BCOM Hons


CAT SLOT 1 OA 147 expected 97-98%tile

I'm worried that my low graduation score will affect my chance to convert IIMs calls.

Does it play a big role?

8 months ago

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Ronak Jaiswal
1 Answers
Nikita Tayal
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Delhi

Your low graduation score is ceratinly a negative but it  comprises only a little part of the total weightage. Scoring a 97+ percentile, you have good chances of converting IIM K and IIM S given you do well in WAT GDPI which comprises major weightage in converting your call. MDI gurgaon is also a good option for you. I would suggest you to focus on acing your WAT GDPI rather than worrying about what you cannot change.

All the best!!

7 months ago

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  • Ronak Jaiswal

    Scored 98.31 %tile... any suggestions now? What should be the course of plan?

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