[PGDM 2020-2022] IMT Ghaziabad Interview Experiences | IMT Interview Experience Discussion Thread

The Group Exercise and Personal Interview rounds (GE-PI) for IMT Ghaziabad have begun. If you've appeared for the IMT Ghaziabad interview in 2020, share your interview experiences and important details about the interview process.

Important note - Before sharing your interview experiences, please mention your CAT, XAT, GMAT score/percentile, academic profile (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and interview location. 

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2 Answers

2 Answers
Chirag Shukla

IMT Ghaziabad Interview Experience

Profile - 85.5/88.6/71

Work Experience - 24 months, Hospitality graduate working with a start-up in content solutions and strategy.

Location - St. Xavier's Mumbai

GE Topic - Create a communication to urge more people to carpool to reduce air pollution.

We had half an hour to create this communication, and the director of IMT Nagpur was there to oversee the proceedings. For some reason, others around me thought that this was a GD and hence the first 10 minutes were a fish market comprising people yelling at each other. Essentially, even where they didn't have to do a GD they did a GD. :)

Thankfully, one other candidate and I got to work immediately and segmented the team into two parts. Later, once everyone was done pulling each others' hair out, they caught up and got to work. The team did a good job, and the Director was impressed and had fun watching us. 

Personal Interview Experience:

The Director had left by the time I went in for my interview, so there were only two panel members left. Some of us were ruminating outside about the type of questions asked to previous candidates, when I was called in. Let's  call the two panel members P1 and P2.

P1 - So Chirag, you work with InsideIIM? I hope you're uploading our videos and articles on your platform! * laughs * 

Me - Yes sir of course. We're working on your content as we speak! 

P1 - * laughs some more * Okay okay good good. So tell me Chirag, what do you do at InsideIIM?

Me - I explained to him my exact role, talking about the type of content I create, my role in other parts of the company etc. The panel didn't even look at me while I explained this.

P1 - So, tell me. You're a hotel management graduate. Why did you choose to work with this startup? How did you land up here?

Me - I explained to them how, while the job as a Chef was very exhilarating, it was not at all intellectually challenging and required very little application of the mind. I appreciated the extraordinarily high level of skills required in a commercial kitchen, but also said it wasn't my cup of tea. 

I then explained why I wanted to join a startup and also why I chose InsideIIM specifically. They were pleased with that answer (or at least they looked like they were). 

P2 - So Chirag, explain to me how this company makes money?

Me - Explained to them our services, explained our revenue model, and clarified upon being asked that our expenses were not greater than our revenue (clearly).

P2 - Chirag give us an example of your most recent project. Tell us your role in it. 

Me - Explained the end to end process of a project we had recently undertaken. At this point, P2 was very puzzled.

P2 - But why would anyone pay you for these services? Won't they anyway get XYZ result without your help? 

Me - I clarified the panelists' doubts and they nodded and exclaimed to indicate they understood my point. 

P2 - * Looks at P1 * Sir any more questions? 

P1 - Nahi sir hogaya. Alright Chirag you can leave. Thanks!

The interview felt like a discussion I'd have with my dad over drinks in the drawing room. At no point did I feel pressure or intimidation. Without the Director present, the panel was also quite relaxed. They were both very sweet. Other candidates seemed flustered when they came out of the interview room, which scared me initially. But the very opposite transpired in the interview. 

Verdict - Awaited.

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  • Akhil Ladha

    HI, Can you share what actually has to be done in a GE. How it starts and everything in brief. What did you do after making teams

  • Chirag Shukla

    Hi Akhil. For my GE, we were a group of 12 who were given the task of creating a communication around the topic I already mentioned. We were given 30 minutes for the task, and we were given sketch pens, chart papers, post-its and crayons to aid our presentation. You can work on the project in any way possible. The panel keeps walking around to observe your contribution to the project. You're assigned IDs with numbers based on which you are judged. As a group, we first decided how we should create the communication, what kind of illustrations we should create, if we should include verbal communication in our presentation, etc. We spent about 10 minutes arguing and reaching no conclusion, 10 minutes on fruitful discussion, 6-7 minutes to create illustrations, and about 2-3 minutes to present. Honestly, it was very haphazard even though the panel appreciated our efforts and teamwork. Basically, they were looking at how well we work as a team and how quickly we adapt to a given problem. I'll give you three tips: 1. Don't try to be too assertive or bossy during the entire GE. Just by yelling your ideas loudly, interrupting others, and constantly trying to force your ideas through, you're not going to get any brownie points. You may actually damage your chances of selection. Be polite, give everyone a chance to voice their ideas, maintain your composure and always work towards solving the problem. 2. You'll be given a notepad. If you find everyone wasting time arguing or discussing stupid ideas, jot down your ideas while they do that and find an opportunity to convey to the group any good ideas that you may come up with. Help them reach a conclusion and then immediately begin work on execution. Also, keep an ear open for any good ideas that the group may come up with, and if you can build on those, do that. 3. Don't think you're better than everyone else. You're not. Work as a team and quickly understand your role. Ask questions if you're confused, but don't drag your team down at any point. All the best!


Place of Interview : IMT Hyderabad

Date: 08/02/2020

GE Topic: Awareness campaign on climatic changes

Very chilled GE - 8 members per panel - panel-1

Perfectly completed GE Effects & Causes , Awareness campaign Contributed more effectively like so much facts ,solutions

PI Same GE 2 panelists
Both middle aged P1-Female & p2 -male

P1:Are you feeling nervous

Ans:No,excited ma'm

P1:Excited about what?

Ans:Nothing ma'm

P1:interuppted ,you are excited about nothing

Ans: No ma'm I am excited about how this interview will happen

P1:okay.So, You are 2018 pass out ,how you occupied yourself these days

Ans: answered what I has done like undergone a sports injury ,by filing financial statements of my father working organisation & working on a awareness camapaign 

P1: Tell me about GST impact on small &medium enterprises

Ans: explained how GST implemented & how it could have delayed & implemented more effectively & how could be better compliance procedures

P1: interuppted ,so your are saying there is a chaotic situation

Ans: No,ma'm it's a hoax situation,Created by enterprises rather due to ambiguity in compliance procedures like GST registration , E-ledgers maintenance etc;

P1:so you are saying it has no impact on enterprises

Ans: No ma'm every law when implemented has its impact on the people to whom it applies but in case if GST if it's better implemented like creating a system which from intially curb tax EVASION etc; quoted how much tax evaded & anti profiteering committee , restaurants evading tax to govt etc;

(I think they convinced)

P1:What is sensex

Ans:Sensex is indicator of share prices of BSE which consists 30 top companies

P1:why share price of certain companies fallen on budget day

Ans: Ma'm there is no particular reason for fall in share price.It depends on stock trader perspective, for example IDBI share price candle spiked up on budget day ,may be most of the traders think that ,if I buy today,I will sell and have more money tommorow & After that it traded its lowest for 2days ,after that yesterday again it's candle spiked up ,so to conclude there will be no particular reason

p2:Your specialization is finance ,so What is SEBI do

Ans: How sebi regulates & monitors companies and securities

p2:what do RBI do

Ans:In any country central bank issues bank notes ,controls & monitors commercial banks & NBFCs,issuing monetary rates,control credit rates, taking measures like PROMTIVE CORRECTIVE ACTION etc;

p2: What is repo rate

Ans:explained with current repo rate issued yesterday (i.e; 07/02/2020)

p2: Recently bank merger happened ,explain it

Ans: Explained how it will impact economy,What & how govt.has done merging banks .how PCA banks benefited from these decisions

p2: Recently RBI issued that crypto currency is going to legalise from next year .what yours take on that

Ans: explained how crypto currency generated & how it will have impact on indian economy by quoting ransomeware hacking

P1:You quoted so many facts in GE ,so tell me what is carbon credit tax

Ans: explained

That's all Vishnu, all the best

My view: GE is superb Pi:very chilled panelists ,always smiling P1 It's a nice experience.

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  • Akhil Ladha

    Can you share what exactly has to be done in a GE

  • annamraju vishnu teja

    They will give you a topic ,2 charts ,2 a4 sheets ,pencil ,crayon & sketch pen kits using those depending upon topic ,members in panel will have to depict their representation on charts For example climate awareness topic is given to me,we Drawn causes & effects in one chart & awareness campaign other chart They will either give you a topic Or will leave to group members to choose a topic ,and draw on chart Campaign depending upon topic For my friends panel they haven't given any topic ,so they wasted all 30 minutes on discussing which topic to start So,if any topic given its okay,depending upon topic,divide work in between members ,Take lead it will create impact on panelists ,as they will interview all the group members in panel, If topic not given,try to convince all other members atleast to decide and draw something rather than eating time In my GE we are the only panel to complete all the chart work And also, panelists ask members regarding your GE experience Mostly try to impress panelists by leading GE & giving ideas in GE to form a shape

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