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In personal interview

In personal interview

DHARUN ANAND, MBA Aspirant asked 10 months ago

What should be the most optimistic answer for the question “WHY MBA”

1 Answers

Well, the most optimistic answer would be the one that comes straight from your gut! Not kidding. Everyone, including the interviewers, appreciates honesty and if there is a genuine reason for which you decided to choose this path, go ahead and say it. But if your reason is just a higher pay package (which may be the case for many), try to associate that with levels of growth that you desire. Although monetary gain is a result of the success that you desire, it is advisable to not project it as the sole purpose as it is. Generally, people cite reasons like stagnation in previous jobs, climbing up the corporate ladder, gaining knowledge, starting an entrepreneurial venture. These are all acceptable reasons as long as you are able to back it up with the right examples and/or instances from your life because more often than not, you will be cross-questioned. So, rather than trying to sound optimistic, it is better, in my opinion, to sound realistic with the right substance to justify your claims.

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