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Increasing Unemployment Threatens The Extinction Of Species – WAT Wednesdays

Increasing Unemployment Threatens The Extinction Of Species – WAT Wednesdays

Team InsideIIM, asked 1 year ago

Welcome back to another WAT Wednesday!

The topic for this week:
Unemployment Of Mankind Threatens The Extinction Of Species – WAT Wednesdays

Very recently, Sudan, the last male white rhino, passed away in Kenya. He was the last male member of the species, and now only two female white rhinos remain on the planet. The market for poached animal products is on the rise. In November 2017, Donald Trump announced that Americans could import and sell Ivory. China, Vietnam and Thailand have a huge market for animal bones, skins and organs, where they are considered to be medicinal.
Poachers usually hunt animals to smuggle their bones in return for money, and hail from economically backward houses. A report suggests that 46% of Tanzanian poachers poach due to lack of jobs and income.
Is unemployment the only reason for poaching? How significant is poverty as a cause? What are some preventive measures that global Governments can take to eliminate the root cause of the situation?

Points to remember:
Please bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer for it. That’s an opinion. However, the reasons for that opinion may be right or wrong.  And that’s what is important – the process of reaching the conclusion rather than the conclusion itself.

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

Well it is really sad to hear that the last of the male white rhinos had to be euthanised. This feels bad not just because it died, (the reports say that it was old and sick and would have eventually died in a couple of days), but because excessive hunting had pushed its entire species to extinction, to an extent that only 2 female white rhinos currently survive. The demand for the body parts of such animals are worth so much that their value could be compared at par with diamonds!
Now, it is found from various reports & studies that the poachers are mostly from economically backward areas. Surely we can blame the bad economical conditions of these areas and hence unemployment that forces these people to turn into poachers.
But I feel that the main reason or rather, a bigger reason behind this is the fact that the demand for products that require killing and getting the raw materials from animals exists in the first place. Whether it is in the name of medicinal purposes or in the name of exquisite materials or products, the fact that a living being has to be killed is just so wrong.
The reason the unemployed people of a country turn into poachers is because they are backed by rich individuals or organisations which trade in these animal parts. The only way they are willing to invest in these backward countries is if the locals help them gather what they need. So it’s more like the locals don’t get a chance to think twice due to the poverty they face everyday. Also, there are individuals who just think killing an animal is just easy money and that too with the help of weapons funded by those dealers.
So, the root cause is not just poverty and unemployment here. These nuances exist because of the demand that has been created all over the world, not surprisingly, by the economically developed countries and organisations.
There is an urgent need to popularise the prevention movements for such activities and bring into place more strict laws by the governments all over the world and punish any individual or any organisation that indulges in such crimes. International bodies like UN or PETA can act as a deterrent to activities like poaching.

it points out an important factor other than unemployment which is responsible for extinction of species.

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