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Indian News Channels Are Deteriorating – WAT Wednesday

Indian News Channels Are Deteriorating – WAT Wednesday

Team InsideIIM, asked 1 year ago

Welcome back to another WAT – Wednesday!

Indian News Channels Are Deteriorating

Recently, renowned actress Sridevi passed away at the age of 54. Since then, news channels have been producing over-the-top reports regarding the circumstances of her death, which have been slammed by celebrities and other Media Houses for being insensitive.
Does this indicate that, gradually, the quality of news that Indian news channels produce is deteriorating? Is it appropriate to conclude that Indian news channels are concerned only with TRPs and not the quality of news and reporting?

Points to remember:
Please bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer for it. That’s an opinion. However, the reasons for that opinion may be right or wrong.  And that’s what is important – the process of reaching the conclusion rather than the conclusion itself.

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