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Indians Have A Conservative Outlook Towards Valentine’s Day – WAT Wednesday

Indians Have A Conservative Outlook Towards Valentine’s Day – WAT Wednesday

Team InsideIIM, asked 1 year ago

Welcome to yet another week of WAT Wednesdays, Valentine’s Day Edition!

Indians Have A Conservative Outlook Towards Valentine’s Day.


Reports of fringe elements such as Bharat Sena and Shakti Sena claiming to ensure that no one celebrates Valentine’s Day in Coimbatore have come out. The Bajrang Dal has put up anti-Valentine’s Day posters in Hyderabad, advising Hindu girls to not fall into the honey-trap of “Love Jihad”.
Lucknow University shut down their college on Valentine’s Day to prevent students from celebrating. Last year, the Hindu Mahasabha claimed to marry off whichever unmarried couple they saw celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Points to remember:
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