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InsideIIM Student Team

How can I get selected for the InsideIIM Student Team?

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That depends on whether there is a student team this year or not. If there is, then keep a track of articles posted by Team InsideIIM and subscribe to InsideIIM newsletter.  The official details will be released in the article itself. But, in my experience, the selection is more related to the enthusiasm of the candidate and the interest they show in writing than the skill itself. Obviously, the skill is good to have, and you should be able to write decent articles. You should be open to suggestions, the team helps you grow a lot in learning how to write and what to write. You should also understand that there are different stakeholders that visit InsideIIM and the language of communication has to be tailored for everyone. 
Thus, whenever you write, think who is the article directed to and how does it help them, Address their queries. Most of all accept feedback.

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