International applicant Admission to B school in India.

I am an International student looking for admission in a B school of India , Which B school should I apply to ? Which B schools give weightage to International appliacants? Which B schools has the highest number of International Students?

a year ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Ashi Jain
Alumni | MICA Ahmedabad

You can write CAT/GMAT and other exams too. The basic filter is to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria, the rest shall work. Keep a list of these institutes which you must apply to beyond CAT:


a year ago

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pratibha goenka
mba2 | MDI Gurgaon

Hey. There is no particular weightage criteria to International students. You will have to take CAT and other MBA entrance examinations like XAT, IIFT to be eligible for getting a shortlist from the colleges listed under these exams. You should aply to the top 10-15 BSchools in India and you can find the list here which takes various criteria under consideration -


a year ago

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