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Is it advisable to take finance for Engineers?

Is it advisable to take finance for Engineers?

To choose finance as a major in MBA degree for an engineer requires any prior textbook knowledge?

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Also, how does taking finance help for building a future for an engineer?

Shubham Jodawat, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

In engineering students are taught theoretical and practical problems but they are never taught soft skills like communication, team-work, interpersonal relationship etc.., which when it comes to companies hiring individuals plays major part and engineering student doing MBA in finance will be able to learn all the above soft skills along with finance which in turn will help him or her in racing ahead of its peers as soft skills along with technical skills are the two pillars on which an individual can stand and be successful when it comes to corporate world.

I guess it depends upon the choice of the candidate. I know some of my batchmates who are engineers, but have worked in Fin background and have done their internships in Fin companies. So, basically if you are inclined towards learning the concepts, then it’s definitely worth a shot.
Additionally, from a career perspective, even if one does not get placed in a Fin company, one can always try after getting out of the post-graduation program. To reiterate, it all depends upon what one wants to do.

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