Is there any way insideiim can help me in mentoring after i join a bschool?

What i meant is, when people join a bschool it can be an overwhelming experience. The right majors, the particular topics to read for grabbing an internship and minute informations like that which a senior who has undergone can only tell. 

7 months ago

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Rajesh Routray
other | Acharya B-school Bangalore
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Nikita Tayal
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Delhi

Hii Rajesh,

InsideIIM can certainly help you. InsideIIM covers stories of successful PPO holders and their internships to give you insights about what you might expect when you get in there. InsideIIM also does exclusive interviews and seminars with top notch managers and CEOs of these companies and get to know what they look for when they hire a candidate. Throughout your b-school journey, InsideIIM will help you out with its extensive coverage.


All the best!

4 months ago

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