Last month strategy for CAT

I have been getting around 85-95 percentiles in TIME mocks . Considering that only a month is left what should be my preparation strategy and what else I might consider doing to do well on the D-day ?

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Apurva Sharma
Alumni | Indian Institute Of Management Trichy

If you are dreaming to crack CAT with good score you need a stratagem of how to start and to finish off this race leading yourself on the top. To crack the so called most difficult entrance exam in the country with your 100% efforts, you must follow a simplified approach for your preparation. Here are some tips that will definitely lead you to score well.
Firstly, divide the sections and put emphasis on each one according to your comfort level.

Analysis and evaluation is absolutely mandatory
After every CAT mock test, you must analyze your performance and appraise your scoring areas based on the CAT exam pattern.

Work of your strengths and weaknesses
It is very important to identify your strengths and weaknesses to do well in this coveted exam. Going by your own evaluation, you must focus on your strong areas and work on that. I assume that you have already identified your weak topics and dedicate ample amount of time to revise and brush up all the concepts which you should revise.

Practice makes one perfect
Practice a lot, so that you can make an instant connect with the question on your D-day. Regular practice in a right direction will not only help increase your question-solving speed but also make you habitual to sit for the examination time duration.

Accuracy is of utmost importance
Be very cautious and eminently confident while answering any question. As you go on attempting questions during your mocks or on the D-day itself, make sure that you compromise very little on accuracy, as there is negative marking on each wrong attempt. Prioritizing the questions is one of the key areas to success.

Don’t forget to leave the questions
In case you find questions a little difficult and arduous during the second round of your attempt, and are not sure about the answer, leave it. But yes, sometimes you can find the answer by dissecting the options and selecting the answer which seems propitious. So this strategy can also be followed.

Relax and be focused on the D-day
You should prepare well before your date with CAT. Try to spend a day before the test in a stress-free environment, meet your friends and relax the way you like. And solve questions in the same way as you practiced before. Changing the strategy at run time backfires sometimes. So take a mindful decision at the time of attempting CAT.

Do well. All the Best!

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Saranya Mukherjee
Alumni | Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Dear Aspirant,
First and foremost, congratulations for making it this far! You must have made a lot of effort through-out the year to get this far. Now, the last lap will make or break your CAT journey. 
You have mentioned the overall score you are getting in your mocks. I hope you are also doing some in-depth analysis of which sections you are weak at. Even if you are acing a particular section, check if there are any patterns of questions which are routinely making you falter. Spend an entire day going over the 10-12 latest mocks you have given, and you will have the answer as to what you need to do in the last 30 days.
How many hours you can study depends on your existing time commitments and your ability to push yourself. But currently, the ideal time distribution would be 40:40:20. The first 40 would be for answering mocks. This element will make sure you are honing your time management skills so that you don't feel strapped for time on D-day. The next 40 would be to work on your weaknesses: each new mock will actually pile on more things to do during this segment. The final 20 should be spent on retaining your forte in areas of strength, especially in order to ensure that you remain not just good but also quick with these exercises. In case you are preparing for any other competitive tests besides CAT, ensure that the time you spend on those is above and beyond what is mentioned above (for e..g, things like GK)
And yes, don't forget to relax! Take a little time off every week to make sure anxiety doesn't get the better of you. 
Good luck!

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