[MBA 2020-2022] IIM Indore Interview Experience | IIM Indore Interview Discussion Thread

The personal interview rounds for IIM Indore have begun. If you've appeared for the IIM Indore interview in 2020, share your interview experiences and important details about the interview process.

Important note - Before sharing your interview experiences, please mention your CAT score/percentile, academic profile (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and interview location. 

2 months ago

2 Answers

2 Answers

WAT: Digital Education- boon or bane? 

PI: (20 minutes)
P1, P2 (male)

P1: Tell me something about yourself.
P1: Difference between IT and CSE
P1: Have you studied data mining?
Me: Nope 
P2: Tell me 4 instruments of data mining.
Me: Wtf
P1: Write a code for a traffic light.
P2: Cloud v/s grid computing
P2: Use of transport layer. 
P1: Name all the subjects you've studied in Engg. 
P2: First Indian woman to climb Mount Everest 
P2: First Indian woman to win Olympics. (Gave a wrong answer)
P2: Talk about the budget.
P2: What's in the budget for S/w engineers.
P1: Probability question.
P2: Economics behind the tax slabs (was badly grilled)
P1: Extempore on Health vs Education as a Finance Minister 
No chocolates offered

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IIM Indore 
Profile- 95/94/78.5
Electronics Engineer 

WAT topic- Suggestions in the medical insurance policy in favour of client 

P1- Extempore on 
Donald Trump is the best president America has ever had ( Speak for or against)

P2- So you've studied Vlsi,  tell us something about these ICs 
( Another 4-5 questions on different subjects of Electronics)

P1- What is the difference between Ethics and Morals ?

P2- Draw the graph for the exponential . Will it ever touch x axis ?

P1- Give some real life applications of Microwaves 

P2- Who is the Finance minister of India? Who is the governor of RBI ?

P2- Name two other women ministers of the Modi government?
Which ministries are they a part of?

P2- Which constituency did Navjot Singh Sidhu fight from ? Is he an MP or an MLA?

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  • Yash Suchdeo

    What were the other electronics questions?

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