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I am currently preparing for CAT 2020 and it's been a month since I started giving mocks daily. I do have two test series from both renowned coaching career launcher and TIME but the variation of scores is high ie I am scoring 67 in CL's mock and 88 in TIME's mock and a higher in sectionals.

what should I do? 

8 days ago

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1 Answers
Aishwarya Nair
Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore


Mock tests, though extremely helpful for preparation, might not be an accurate respresentation of the scores and percentiles you might get in the final exam. This can be due to a number of reasons including (and not limited to) different difficulty levels for different mocks, difference in number of test takers, and above all, the unpredictability of the exam itself. So right now, you should focus on giving your best attempts in the mocks, and analyzing the scores to discover any common mistakes or weak areas.

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Hope this helps.

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