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Most common question types in CAT

Most common question types in CAT

What are the most commonly asked type of questions in CAT and how to prepare for them?
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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

The most commonly asked questions in CAT are from Geometry, Arithmetic and Algebra, with an increasing emphasis on the two latter concepts for Quantitative Ability.
For VA-RC, a lot of para jumbles are asked, which are of the TITA format and hence carry no negative marking (and hence must be attempted first). Then is the reading comprehension part, which I have noticed has become a little more complex every year. 
DI LR is highly unpredictable and can involve Quant concepts as well. For example, CAT 17 had a question in DI LR which could be solved within minutes using QA concepts, but students (including me) rammed their heads trying to solve it using only pure logic. 
I think CAT 2018 is going to be quite similar to CAT’17 in terms of difficulty, and DI-LR will be moderately tough. 

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