CAP 2020 interview experience. New IIMs shortlist criteria. Any help would be much appreciated :D

So I've given the CAT 2019 exam with a borderline score of 94.7%ile (118) with all the sectionals above 80%ile.

My profile: GEM. X-91.2%  XII-88.4%  UNDER_GRAD-69.8(B.Tech. at a tier-II college)   WORK_EX- 27Months 

I got called for the CAP interview for the 9 new+baby IIMs. I had a stress interview which didn't really go great but not bad either. I had a gap of 1year post my job at an IT firm where I worked a lil above two years. I had a few extra curriculars(music, culturals, basketball- none with extremely major accomplishments but enough to get them convinced I'm good at it all) which were my main USP. I also spoke of a change of mindset from IT to the business side of things and also about a start up plan that I'd been working on to justify the gap. The panel really didn't let out much for me to grasp if they were convinced of my words. Despite their constant grilling I held out and answered as honestly as possible, truth be told there were quite a few undergrad questions they asked which I didn't know and told them it's been quite a while since I've revisited my college curriculum and diverted the topic of focus to work, the start up idea and my extra curriculars. 

As for my WAT, I took a bit longer than most to gather my thoughts and finished the wat on an incomplete note due to lack of time(poor time management) and just filled 3/4th of the first page whereas I saw people writing front n back. My language and phrasing were on point but I don't know if my points were really relevant. Overall I feel I had a bad wat.

With such a dangerous experience (that's how I'd like to call it xP) I'm not really sure what to make of the whole situation. Also since, private colleges are looking to close admissions before the CAP shortlist results, I don't really know if I should wait any longer.

I understand that the new IIMs have their own admission criterion and I've jotted down my scores against their respective weightages. But there is no clear picture of what is the cumulative score above which you get a confirmed shortlist. What are my chances at the new IIMs? Where do I stand among other aspirants? Upto what ranks are the waitlisted students taken in ? Is it really worth the wait or is there absolutely no chance or rather a very slim chance for me to get through? The whole scene is quite hazy and I thought someone could help me clear the fog :D

Thanks for reading through my entire experience, I really really appreciate you taking the time :)


6 months ago

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Jayant Murali
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Ashi Jain
Current Student | MICA Ahmedabad

Hey. Interviews can be very subjective. In stress interviews, you must hold your ground as the panelists check your temperament.

You've excellent academics and a lot depends on your profile too.

However, having said that, the results of new IIMs are usually announced very late and list keeps moving till June end. So, in that case you should ideally start preparations again and try to improve your performance.



6 months ago

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  • Jayant Murali

    I understand the unpredictability of the situation at hand. I just need some confirmation on the questions asked. Also what do you mean by my profile coz I've listed everything here from acads to extra curriculars to work ex. Do you by any chance mean my academic attitude or personality or both ? Could you please help me with the specific questions I've asked. I really appreciate the response from your end despite this being a TL;DR kinda question

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