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Networking in MBA

Networking in MBA

How important is to create a proper nexus at a B-school? Also, after the completion of the degree, how productive is that network. both in terms of career growth and personal life?

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As soon as you step into a B-School, you’ll see people clamouring to “network”. Networking with batch mates, seniors, and alums is supposed to be the most important thing. However, the correct way to go about it would be to make friends. This is a very clichéd response, but it is the most effective. Make as many friends as you can during those two years, and you will have a host of people to turn to when you need help. As far as alums are concerned, they will always be there to help you. Do try to talk to them, but don’t be desperate. If you are sincere, they will understand and be sincere in their efforts to help you.

People aspire for a B school because they expect that it’ll help familiarise them with the technical know-how of the business world. However, it is the network that you create in a B school that adds real value. Friends from your batch and the alumni network come in handy during college as well as after (for switching jobs). This doesn’t mean that one should approach and try to be friends with every person he/she comes across just for the sake of it. Being desperate won’t get you anywhere, people need genuine friends. Be nice to everyone, help each other out and just be on good terms with people

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