[PGP 2020-2022] IIM Shillong Interview Experience 2020 | IIM S Interview Discussion Thread

The writing ability test and personal interview (WAT-PI) rounds for IIM Shillong have begun. If you've appeared for the IIM Shillong interview in 2020, share your interview experiences and important details about the interview process.

Important note - Before sharing your interview experiences, please mention your CAT percentile, academic profile (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and interview location. 

2 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers

Had IIM Shillong today. 

Case: a local grocery shop facing fierce competition from a mall. How to retain customers. Had a good discussion, very mature guys - no fish market. 

PI: asked intro (went on for more than a minute, genuinely listened)

Asked about Joie bolsonaro- who and why infamous. 

Hobbies. Which books, who are the fav authors. Movies which language, why. What is your takeaway point from movie joker. Asked Arjun Reddy I said haven't watched it. 

Work ex. How interact with client, my profile, learnings. A whole lot on work ex.

Electronics. Couldnt answer some.

2 months ago

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