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PI – Digital Marketing certification

PI – Digital Marketing certification

Anon ymous, MBA Aspirant asked 6 months ago

I have certification in Digital Marketing given by SM Study. Is it relevant to be mentioned in my resume for MBA admissions. If so what all questions/topics should I expect based on it.

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 6 months ago

Hi. Certifications by MOOC portals do not have a very significant impact on your CV per-se but it can become a talking point in your interview. For instance, in your digital marketing certification, what have you learnt? Can you explain basic concepts around SEO, paid-marketing campaigns, Google search algorithms, e-mail marketing? What are two excellent digital marketing campaigns that caught your attention? Explain the process of lead generation via digital marketing campaigns.
If you mention it in your CV, you must be very well-prepared for any and every question around it. Also, if you have completed the certificate course just for CV points, it may not be of much use in your MBA. You must ensure that the purpose of attaining the certification was to learn more about the industry and build your skill set.
Hope this helped! 

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