How to prepare for SNAP '18?

In the last days to SNAP, what should be my strategy? Especially since no previous year papers are available, how do I practise?

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Upasna Doshi
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Ahana Batabyal
Current Student | SIBM Pune

The basics for all exams stay the same, study the concepts, practice the problems, analyze your mistakes and repeat until you’re confident. SNAP is a two hour long MCQ exam with four sections: General English, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Analytical and Logical Reasoning and Current Affairs. Each correct answer for a normal question fetches you a +1 and the special questions get you +2, each wrong response gets you a negative 25% of the total marks for the question. The divide of the questions and the marks per section is as follows:

It seems like a negative of 25% for a wrong answer won’t affect your score much but trust me, they add up quickly and moreover 130 questions in two hours is no mean feat. So a proper preparation strategy and good time management skills are the need of the hour. Here’s a section-wise preparation plan :
General English :
This section consists of vocabulary based questions, grammar, reading comprehension, and verbal reasoning. Look through all the vocab words that you've been learning for all these months. A word of caution, while reading the RC passages pay close attention to the options because they often tend to be confusing, just focus on the logical flow of the passage 
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation :
Arithmetic is what rules the QA section of SNAP but it does have its fair share of geometry and mensuration as well. To ace, this section you need might get a little tricky. To be able to calculate fast you should learn the squares and cubes of natural numbers till 30, square roots and cube roots till 15 and decimal to fraction conversions. Regular practice is the only thing that will help you sail through this section. Keep revising the formulae and tables you have done so far. No need to spend any more time on the weak areas. Just keep revising the basics and focus on areas where you can maximize marks. Remember speed AND accuracy are key here, you cannot trade off one for the other. 
Analytical and Logical Reasoning :
There can’t be an exhaustive list of topics for this section. This could include Critical reasoning, deductive logic, visual reasoning, blood relations, and puzzles. Practice questions in a timed manner from any of the trusted sources and you should be good to go.
Current Affairs :
Keeping abreast of the major happenings should help you get a decent score in this section. What really helped me in the last leg of my preparation was the GK compendium given by ART at the Coffee with SIBM meet in my city. Some topics to keep an eye out for would be important quotations, social issues, sports, finance, entertainment, politics major corporate events, famous award and prizes, world Records, books and authors, science, international organizations, the tagline of companies, top officials of big companies, etc.
Once you have figured out how to go about your preparation, do not overlook the most important bit: Mocks. You should keep taking them regularly to keep you accountable and give you a realistic picture of how prepared you are and which areas need to be improved upon. Do not base all of your self-confidence on mock performances, treat them like review tests that help you get better. 
Hopefully, now you’ve got a clearer picture of what to do to ace SNAP. If you have any more doubts or queries, please contact us on

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