Query on JBIMS NRI/Gulf seats.

I am an engineering graduate from COEP, Pune and have an NRI/Gulf status. I have that JBIMS has seats for Gulf/NRI students but information regarding these seats are not available on the college website nor anywhere on the net. After many futile attempts of trying to get more info on this I have finally come to InsideIIM. I humbly request the InsideIIM team to please share some light on this topic. It would be very helpful for many students like myself with an NRI status to get some info regarding this. Some questions that constantly being asked are:

  1. How many Gulf/NRI seats are there in JBIMS?
  2. Should we write CET or is CAT score enough for admission?
  3. What is the fee for these seats?
  4. Is there any other college which has NRI seats, if so what their details?

I and many other students would be very grateful if these questions could be answered. This one topic nobody talks much about and hence there is not much information about it on the internet.
Thank you


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