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I have cgpa 10 in my 10th, 94%in 12th and 9.11 cpi as of my 4th semester in engineering. I am a general category student. How much do I need to score in cat to make it to top IIMs(ABC)?

18 days ago

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G Kshitij
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Arkaprovo Das

Hi Kshitij, 

You have stellar academics. But, being a GEM Fresher is tough in the CAT world. 

I have a similar profile (GEM Fresher with similar scores) like you and I scored 99.68 percentile in CAT 2020. I did not get interview shortlists from IIM A and B. Getting into B as a GEM fresher is very difficult (if not impossible as one of my friends who got 99.92 did not get a shorlist from B). But, if you get 99.9+, you might get a shortlist from IIM A. 

6 days ago

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