Quitting Job For CAT Preparation - A Good Idea Or Recipe For Disaster?

CAT is not an easy exam to prepare for. While it is said on many portals that "CAT syllabus is just 10th and 12th syllabus", this is only half the truth. With complex questions in at least one of the three sections of CAT every year, scoring well on this test and making it to the IIMs is not an easy task at all. But that's not the only challenge that exists for MBA aspirants; there's also the pressure of balancing life outside of CAT preparation.

One of the biggest challenges to efficient preparation is the scarcity of time - a 10-hour job with 3 hours of travelling and 8 hours of sleeping leaves little to no time to prepare for exams like CAT, XAT, etc. However, in the same breath, it must be mentioned that at least 60-70% of the students at top business schools today have work experience, which makes it clear that working and preparing for CAT is not an impossible feat.

So, is it worth leaving your job to prepare for CAT?  What are the ramifications that exist if you, a) Crack CAT and make it to the GD-PI round, or b) Don't crack CAT at all? Are the risks of having a 4-5 month career gap as dire as they are made out to be? Or is it just a hype created by risk-averse individuals? Is it worth worrying about GD-PI grilling if you don't even crack CAT due to lack of time, to begin with?

Ask all your questions around preparing for CAT with your job, and whether you should quit and dedicate the next 3-4 months to just preparation.

To begin with here is some content on InsideIIM around this crucial topic:

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