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Should I give CAT this year? Very demotivated.

Should I give CAT this year? Very demotivated.

Anonymous asked 1 week ago

CAT 2018 was pathetic for me. I scored only 80 percentile after preparing for 6 months. And now I am confused if I should go for CAT once again. 
It takes way too much effort and I don’t think that with my 9-9 job I can manage preparations. Need some motivation and tips from community members, please. Should I go for CAT 2019?
10th – 85.5%
12th – 87%
Graduation – 73%

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Sibi Vishvak, MBA Aspirant answered 1 week ago

I am in the same situation. My CAT 2018 was bad as i scored only 84 percentile. It depends on your profile. if you are working for more than two years and if you want to do an MBA in the same field as your job, then i would ask you to go for an executive course next year focusing on strengthening your profile.
If you are working for less than two years, then i would ask you to either look for overseas options if you could afford it or try to give CAT 2019.
I know people who resigned their job and prepared for CAT 2018 but still got the same percentile as mine.
Also, if you are looking to switch domains, please quit your job now as your current working experience will not help you post MBA. Rather do some certifications and internships that might help you.
I am saved by my CMAT score which might help me crack some Tier-2 institutions.

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