Should I read books and newspapers to improve reading comprehension?

CAT is just a few weeks away and i am still struggling with RC. Can i improve on it by reading novels and newspaper? It's a very time consuming approach I feel and don't know if it will actually help. Please help so i can crack CAT.

8 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers
Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon


Reading books and newspapers will definitelyhelp you in improving your performance in VA-RC section but you have to be very selective about the kind of books and newspapers that you read.

To give you a comprehensive idea, I would suggest you to please go through the article given below:

A Comprehensive VA-RC Preparation Strategy For CAT - Tips From A VA-RC 99.95 Percentiler

Hope it helps.

All the best !!

8 months ago

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