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Should You Take A Gap Year Or Not?

Should You Take A Gap Year Or Not?

A question that comes to the minds of many MBA aspirants after CAT results are announced is: Should I go to a lower level college or take a year gap and give CAT again next year? If I take a year gap, can it affect it my chances of getting into a top college?

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Rohit Ahuja, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

There are many reasons to drop a year; while some are in their final years that didn’t make a good score this year and also didn’t get a job, while some working professionals who can’t manage and don’t get their expected scores in the exam. However, leaving a job for the exam preparation is not recommended at all. I have seen the various interview experiences of the students who had a year gap in their career while in some interviews, interviewers grill them on their gap year while in some interviewers doesn’t even ask a single question for a gap. You can also call it luck.



Many students before you converted top b-schools with a gap you are not the first one or last one.

It depends, not on the fact that there’s a gap in your work or education. Rather, the Interviewers is interested in knowing what you did in the interim during the gap that either fell into your lap or you were forced into due to circumstances.

Yes, a year gap obviously gives some bad effect why you take a year break or you can’t handle things simultaneously either with college or job but that does not hamper your chances get into a top b-school if you have a solid justification in your answers. You can justify your gap in interviews that you take a year drop to explore more about yourself, your interests and also you can do some meaningful internships and certifications.You need to do some meaningful things in a year apart from preparing for the exam. The things which one can do apart from preparation to build a profile.

You can do some meaningful Internships.

If you have relevant skills you can do freelancing.

You can join an NGO and devote some time to it, involve yourself with it. Some NGO’s like Teach for India, Protsahan, Eride etc.

You can also do some courses and certification according to your interest in various fields which enhance your skills.

If you are interested in Operations you can do certifications like 6-sigma, APICS, CGLM etc.

For Human Resources – CCR, SHRM

If you are interested in Finance CFA/FRM, Financial Modelling would be the best option. If you are interested in marketing or Digital Marketing go for some Digital Marketing courses and you can also do certifications in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing courses are free from Google for Academy you can learn online and earn certifications.

Don’t ever forget that you have dropped a year. After the year you must have a solid score so that you can get into the top-notch b-school.


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