[MBA 2020-2022] SIBM Pune Interview Experiences 2020 | Interview Experience Discussion Thread

The Personal Interview rounds for SIBM Pune have begun. If you've appeared for the SIBM Pune interview in 2020, share your interview experiences and important details about the interview process.

Important note - Before sharing your interview experiences, please mention your SNAP percentile, academic profile (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and interview location. 

2 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers

SIBM Pune WAT: 12 mins 

5 GK questions and 1 topic to write about - "Insolvency of airlines."

Group Exercise:

A group of 7 people. Each one will be shown two pictures. You gotta choose one of them. Now, you have to work as a team and form a story out of your chosen pictures. Went decent.

Personal Interview:

Ultra chill. Told my acads are strong. Just appreciated. Since I was working for a capital goods manufacturer major, most of the questions were revolving around that. The mandatory why MBA and why SIBM P. How would you deal with criticism from your juniors. Talked about Industry 4.0 and big data analytics a bit. That was all.

2 months ago

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