SIBM Pune vs IIM Nagpur (with 3.5 work ex in IT)

I have 3.5 years of work experience in IT. I want to go for a Marketing majors. Which college out of the above two should I choose? Have converted both. Will the 3.5 years in IT be a road block in getting selected in major FMCG companies in SIBM? 

4 months ago

1 Answers

1 Answers
soumyadip chakraborty
Alumni | IIM Bangalore (Since 1973)

I am assuming both the colleges re offering you 2-years of PGDM course, right? 
IIM Nagpur in good and has the IIM tag, but being a new college placement will take some time to stabilize and for brand building as well. SIBM Pune is good in terns of placement. But I am little curious - why are you considering only 2-year PGDM courses? With 3.5 years of experience you have right qualifications for Executive MBA in some of the best colleges as well. The benefit is saving of one year and also the program of Executive MBA/ PGPXP is full of applications. 
There are a number of colleges offering executive MBA. Woxsen School of Business Hyderabad is a good college. They provide very good placement. IIMB also has one of the flagship programs. 

4 months ago

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