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Specialisation in an MBA after the Summer Internship

Specialisation in an MBA after the Summer Internship

Is the summer internship having any significant effect on the specialisation that is opted by the students? Also, how does it affect the final placements?

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Yes!! My summer internship was an eye opener. It made me realize that Operations is not a lifetime career for me. So the implications followed, I changed the electives I had chosen and now I’m specializing in Finance & systems. For the second part of the question, I personally haven’t experienced it yet. But, I’ve seen my seniors go through final placements. To sum-up, the brand name of your internship company is positively correlated with the number of shortlists you get in final placements.

Effect on specialization?
Frankly speaking you choose to apply for firms coming in Summer placement, so you make an informed decision there. Though its still early to gauge your real interest & opportunities a campus gives you. Here the role of your internship comes in play. One gets to know an industry if not previously worked in. Thereby make a decision whether to continue in the field or change course. Thus people choose the similar electives or change as per feedback.
Effect on final placement?
An intern at McKinsey, BCG, TAS, Amazon, HUL, P&G etc. does add color to your CV (no doubt in that). But the fact that how many students get placed in such firms is also a figure one must look in, to gauge its importance. A good project is far more important than a famous firm. On the other hand a famous firm increases the expectation of the recruiter. Thus its effect in final placement is definitely present but not the sole criteria to crack a better one in the finals.

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