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Summer Internship at Vodafone Idea – Analytics

Summer Internship at Vodafone Idea – Analytics

Suvendu Deo, asked 9 months ago

How is summer internship at Vodafone Idea & where are analytics interns placed? IIM candidates!

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Dear Suvendu,
I hope you have had a good learning experience preparing for summer placements.
To answer your query, I would simply have to say that the next batch of summer interns would be the first to intern at the organization after the merger of Vodafone and Idea. While I know of a lot of past interns at Vodafone (all of whom had HR projects and posted at Mumbai) and they all vouch for having a great time there (most of their good efforts were rewarded with a PPO), it might not be of much relevance to you as the entire organizational culture is changing and you get to be part of that exciting change. This will possibly reflect in the nature of your project too. So while I encourage you to find out more from past interns in your own domain, I would also advise you to not let it bias you, as you will be part of an entirely new experience. What should also be useful is if you spend some more time reading up on the intricacies of M&As, both in the scope of your own domain but also more globally: how does it affect the work culture, how do consumers perceive such change?
I believe this will make any analysis you do for your project more intuitive. Good luck!

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