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Term Breaks

Term Breaks

How do you suggest to spend the term-breaks which the students get at a b-school? Since most of them are really short, how can they be positively utilized? 

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One word, relax. Its a break, use it to relieve all the mental pressure. Recharge to put in your effort after the term starts again. To me, it doesn’t make much sense that even the term brakes are spent stressing about work. Even the corporates have 10-day mandatory core leaves for the same reason. You can plan for what you wish to do after you came back from the break but relax during the break. Workload will defeat the purpose of the break itself. 

A 7-8 days holiday which one gets at IIMs known as term breaks, are the sole opportunity to tighten loose ends on your family & friends front. It’s genuinely a time to relax, travel to place where you can shed the academic rigor, etc. People who feel the need to socialize do so too with alums.
Other ways could be chill at home, read some book which give you business perspective (not related to subject knowledge). Few people engage in case competitions too, but honestly speaking it won’t be a break if you’ll still be doing this.
As for my next term break, a trek is already planned with friends.

PGDM student at IIM Lucknow (2017-2019)

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