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Tiers of MBA colleges

Tiers of MBA colleges

Anonymous asked 2 months ago

Which tier does the baby and new iims belong to?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 2 months ago

Baby IIMs are considered to be Tier-3 institutes, while second generation IIMs are considered to be Tier-2 institutes, although for colleges such as IIM Ranchi, Udaipur and Trichy, there is a dispute because they are considered by some to be Tier-1 institutes based on placement figures and other factors. 
You can take a look at these rankings to get a better understanding of B-school rankings.

Hi buddy,
If you ask me, I would divide the colleges into 4 tiers.
The IIM ABCLKI, XLRI, JBIMS, FMS, ISB, MDI – belong to Tier 1
Tier 2 would be IIMS, NMIMS, NITIE, IIt Bombay, IIFT, etc.
The new and baby IIMs would be tier 3.
Hope this helps 🙂

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Ravi Emmanuel Kullu,

replied 2 months ago

You keep Nitie, sjmsom and iift with nmims but keep your own college which has similar placements with fms and abc well done alum, entering into the rat race of promoting your bschool at the same time misguiding aspirants

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