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To stay in hostel or stay outside the campus?

To stay in hostel or stay outside the campus?

For some B-Schools, they have an option to stay outside the campus. Both options have their pros and cons, but what is best suited for a fresher? To stay in the hostel or to get a place outside of campus?

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The life in a B-school revolves a lot around case-competitions, group projects and other team activities. Also, the committee tasks and events that are organized can be fully enjoyed when you are living in a hostel. Also, networking becomes easier. You can connect to a lot of people even after the class hours are up. So in my opinion, hostel life will always score above living in a private set-up. 

Being a fresher means you need to learn even more than those with a work ex. Staying in the hostel provides you ample of time to work on improving your skills and learning as much as you want to. Hostel provides you immediate contact with your seniors and colleagues which is an important part in your journey. 

Its always better to stay inside the campus. You’ll be doing tons of group projects and assignments, and most of them in the dead of the night, trying to beat the ticking clock. You’ll be at a severe disadvantage if you are outside the campus, and alienated from your team.

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