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Trade Offs

Trade Offs

Can you mention instances where you made numerous trade-offs in the MBA programs? Also, how do you suggest the students and aspirants in tackling the same?


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The biggest trade-off any student will have to do in MBA programs is sleep. You try squeezing out minutes of sleep from your never ending to-do list and tiring schedule. I had this problem when I started out, however my friend gave me a valuable piece of advise – “Priorities”. Yup, the age old cliched term. You need to figure out what you want to accomplish out of MBA. It can be academics, placements, winning competitions, sports, networking, or binge watching series/movies. It all boils down to the clarity of thought you have in your head. Goes a long way!!

Been there, done that

The biggest trade-off that I have faced is among academics, competitions and club/committee activities. For me the choice was simple, academics was all I had till date. If it was going to do the same, then MBA would have been a waste. So I chose the committee activities. But, one should remember that committee membership should never be taken or a POR. You will have better returns participating in competitions. Committee work takes up a lot of personal time and if you are not really very interested in the committee you are applying for then you should rather go for academics and competitions. I was really enthusiastic about the committee and thus I chose that over competitions. For any new candidate, look to diversify your abilities. MBA is not about playing in your comfort zone. So, it can be any trade-off, take the tough one. You still got time to make mistakes till you MBA is not over. Make all your mistakes here itself.

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