Unpopular Opinion - Recruiters That Use IIT/IIM Filters Are Just Lazy & Incompetent - Thoughts?

Forget the i-banks and the consulting firms - a lot of organisations in our country today will give preference to an IIT/IIM (or the earth-shatteringly orgasmic combination of the two) grad over the next applicant for a job. It is a known fact that IITians and IIM grads with an entrepreneurial inclination find it much easier to raise capital from investors, while those who toil equally hard to build their companies from the ground up are rejected.

No doubt that if you're from any of these two institutes, you are a cut above the rest when it comes to raw intelligence. However, does experience count for nothing?

Is an IIT/IIM filter just an ersatz substitute for the hard work that goes behind recruiting the right talent? Or is it fair for organisations to minimise risks and just go with the 'trusted' brand value of an individual? Does the IIT/IIM obsession trump raw experience or intelligence? Please share your thoughts.

6 months ago

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