How can one go about the fill in the blanks with most appropriate word, identifying the wrong usage of the word from its usage in different sentences? how to go attempt and improve on these? Also how to go about questions asking to place the sentence in various positions of a paragraph?

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Vani Vivek
Current Student | IIM Shillong  (Since 2008)

Contrary to popular opinion, I personally believe that verbal ability is one of the hardest section of an entrance exam. Shocking, right? It is not because of the actual difficulty level of the passages or jumbled sentences, it is the fact that English cannot be built in a short span like DI or VA. To make sense of the passages, of where the sentences fit and what to fill in the blank, it requires a lot of reading, reading which is supplemented with voice modulation inside your head. If you keep reading something as plain text, the problems mentioned by you will come back to haunt you. The best way to approach this section is to feel every word of it and to understand what the essence behind the text is. Most of the questions build a story around them, it is just about finding the story and to continue building on it. Bottom line, reading anything and everything but with the intention of understanding the text will do wonders for you. You might find this irrelevant – reading stuff not directly impacting your scores and rather prefer solving RCs and other questions, feeling it is a better way to proceed with the preparation, but believe me, give it a week, devote as much time as you might do to the other two sections and you’ll see a stark difference. I hope this approach works for you. All the best!

a year ago

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