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What are some best tips/tricks to increase our reading speed?

What are some best tips/tricks to increase our reading speed?

How can aspirants increase their reading speed without compromising on their ability to understand a passage? How can we make our reading more effective?Speed-Reading

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Nidhi Malkan, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

The only way to increase your reading speed is by reading more. I understand that the process is time consuming and does not have instant results. It took me, in fact, three years to double my reading speed.
Here are a few points you can follow.

  1. Focus – the average reading speed is 200 words per minute. But this can easily be increased if we just focus on what’s there. Too many times it’s the other distractions we have that hinder our reading process.
  2. Time Yourself – you need to constantly time yourself while reading different reading materials. Non-fiction and Newspaper usually take longer to read than Fiction, in my opinion. Reading speed varies when it comes to reading two different sort of materials. Time yourself and slowly try to improve your speed.
  3. Use your finger to trace the line while reading – while reading, maintain constant contact on paper with your finger. Try to slowly move at the speed your finger moves. This is not a very good technique in the long run and if your reading materials is on a device. But this definitely helps in focusing on the words much more.
  4. Do not mouth the words while you read – this is one thing which we all do subconsciously and it is one of the major reasons we slow down while reading. Try to avoid mouthing words and sentences when you read. 
  5. Maintain a daily reading habit – it doesn’t have to be novels, newspapers or journals. Reading can be anything. From articles to blog posts to fanfiction online. Read what makes you interested in reading. Once you establish a healthy reading speed you can move on to reading other materials.

Hope this helps!

A Fulltime Reader

Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago

Some years ago, i decided to increase my reading speed. I turned to several online solutions for it, even tried to read the book inverted to do so and other things. I realized one thing in the process; Inorder to do so, i got strayed from the goal and couldn’t sink much of what i read, one reads to understand and grasp things. Digital is a distraction too because we are always there on multiple gadgets all the time.
Here’s what i did afterwards: Started reading with patience, without devices. Whatever i read, started to sink with the slow speed of reading and it eventually became fast. 

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 1 year ago

My reading speed is not super fast. However, I have adopted the method of selective reading, i.e., I have learnt to isolate keywords and then understand the context from there.
I apply this technique to Reading Comprehensions to identify answers quickly. It takes time to develop this skill (I am still working on it), but its worth it (not just for CAT but for your entire career).

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