What are some of the learning techniques that can help me for CAT prep?

I can't remember all formulas and approaches for quant, lrdi. what can i do?

9 months ago

2 Answers

2 Answers
Adarsh Ranjan
Current Student | MDI Gurgaon

While there is no generic panacea, there arecertain things which are more of a luanry list. To bigin with, your prepaparation strategy will depend on your proficiency in the sections. Let us say you are good with numbers so you wouldn't have to invest as much time in preparing for Quantitative section as for the other sections such as Verbal ability or Data interpretation and logical reasoning. Similarly, each exam is different from the other in terms of level of difficulty, types of questions asked on the test etc. Although fundamentals will remain by and large the same, test taking strategy will vary and so will the preparation strategy.

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Hope it helps. All the best !!

9 months ago

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Current Student | Indian Institute Of Management Ranchi

Start writing Mocks immediately. I consider them the most important part of preparation. I took so many mocks that I felt the CAT exam as another mock. That removed a lot of pressure.

Mocks give you an idea where you stand. Take it up from there. Analysis of each mock you write for probably half an hour. You would know your strong and weak areas from 3–4 mocks.

Practice a lot for Quant and DILR. But, don’t ever just practice. If it was that easy, every who can do hard-work will get through. Develop your thinking abilities. Try to devise at least 2 ways of solving every single problem. Especially for quant, try to look at the way in which you can solve the problem without using a pen, paper or calculator.

All the best :)

8 months ago

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