What are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for the student exchange program in the second year of MBA?

Does a student exchange experience add any value to one's CV? Is it advisable for one to go for it if one happens to not get a PPO? How does it impact one's participation and winning chances in the national case study competitions which become so vital in the second year? 

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Abhinav Bansal
Alumni | IIM Indore (Since 1996)
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samaksha vaish
Alumni | IIM Lucknow (Since 1984)

Hi Abhinav, following are my observations:

  1. Does it add value to your CV? - I am pretty sure not. Why would a company hire you just because you have visited 18 countries in 3 months. I personally don't think so. In many of the colleges only the top 25% get to go for exchange programs, in which case it may add some value. But then again you can simple mention top 25% in your CV and the chapter will be closed.
  2. Not getting a PPO - It's really a personal call. I had many friends who did not have a PPO and still went for the exchange program. Will their chances be hampered in any way? No one can say. Most of the interviews do not revolve around functional knowledge. Its more of cases and HR. I had a friend who had gone on exchange, came back and got placed the very next day in the laterals process. So its really up to you whether you want to go or not, how risk taking are you etc. etc.
  3. Case competitions - One good reason not to go on exchange. And not because of the CV point but because of the experience. You will certainly not be able to take part in case competitions if you are on exchange.

Why you should go - 
Experience - Backpacking, shoestring budgets, multiple places to visit, different cultures to experience - what's their to not like?

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Nitya Muralidharan
Alumni | XLRI Jamshedpur

In Most colleges the decision whether to go or not go for an exchange program is taken in the first year itself, before internship, or just right after internship (When PPO results are not yet declared) so there is a chance that it can swing either way 
Exchange program is an experience in itself , but it comes with additional costs and headaches. If I had to break down to Pros and Cons 
List of Pros is endless .Main one being you might not get solid three months to travel , especially with friends 

  • Not being able to participate in Case Competitions-While a few competitions could lead to PPIs, a competition is an experience in itself. You see people not only from your campus but from all over India competing, it gives a whole new understanding of how people are solving cases 
  • If you do not have a PPO you miss out on prep sessions and solving cases with friends 


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