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What are the best books to prepare for TISS HR 2020 ?

What are the best books to prepare for TISS HR 2020 ?

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ARC TISS, answered 3 months ago

As is evident, a peculiarity of TISSNET is that there is no specific syllabus. While there are three core sections to the TISSNET exam:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Logical Reason and Mathematics
  3. English Proficiency

There are various sources to prepare for the same, and all candidates cracking the HRM&LR Cut-Offs have different preparation strategies. Thus, instead of prescribing one particular book, it would be most prudent to start preparing well in advance. Go through all the prominent sources used for preparation, and choose the one that suits your preparation style. A lot of the preparation strategies have been completely dependent just on the internet. 
One of the core sources of your preparation must be dependent on reading top newspapers and their editorials. They simultaneously prepare you for GK, English Proficiency as well as help in certain opinion building for the PIT-PI purposes. 
So, before making any strategy it is important that one should have a detailed plan. It is rightly said that – “if we fail to plan then we are planned to fail.” The same goes for TISS-NET preparation. Let us break down the syllabus subject wise and make a detailed plan for each subject.
English Proficiency
For anyone with a reasonably good grasp over the English language, you could sail through this section rather smoothly. For those who might be facing certain difficulties in preparing for language, you can prepare by doing the following things –
Read up the commonly used Idioms on the internet
Brush up your Grammar using any basic book.
Practice Reading Comprehensions from any online source.
How did I prepare this section?
I started reading editorials & Op-Ed from renowned English newspapers. This helped me to improve my grammar & also helped me in enhancing my comprehension skills. This helped me in order to form the opinions on current affairs topics.
Maths and Logical Reasoning
For aspirants who are appearing for other competitive exams, this section requires just a little brushing up of the basic concepts of Quant and added preparation for topics like cubes, critical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning including family relations, number and alphabet series. One must have their basic concepts clear in order to score well in this section.
For aspirants preparing exclusively for TISS-NET – 
Quantitative Aptitude books by any author will be sufficient in order to do well in this exam.
Practice maximum DI & Reasoning questions on daily basis.
How did I prepare this section?
Time is the key here. This is probably the only section where one can score 100% This is the only section which will be able to give you a definite idea of whether your answers are right or wrong: the reason being that you solve them on the spot. One can solve the problem and get the correct answer using various methods, which also helps in the verification of the answer. (if time so permits!) So practice as many questions as possible. Find various methods in order to solve a single problem.
General Awareness
This is the most important section of the TISS-NET. This can be broadly divided into: STATIC & CURRENT GK
Current Affairs:
There are many renowned newspapers which give us a detailed perspective about our surroundings. Get a detailed perspective about any news which is nationally or internationally important.
Monthly and yearly compilation of important news headlines available on multiple sites on internet.
Some people recommend many magazines and short articles.
Static GK:
If you’re one of those people, who don’t really enjoy heavy readings sans illustrations, there are plenty of YouTube videos available to make learning History, Geography, Polity etc more fun.
You could also build your General Awareness by talking and discussing it with people. Discourse allows access to new information and cements the already existing knowledge in your mind.
Lastly, attempt the previous years’ question papers. This will give you a better idea about time management in the actual exam.
How did I prepare this section?
I started with the most basic books which we used to read during our school days in order to brush up most basic concepts in order to improve my static GK. I prepared exhaustive notes so that I could revise it just before the exam.
In order to improve the current Affairs, I started reading newspapers & started forming opinions on those issues. Secondly, there are good TV debates that helped me to get overall picture about any important news.
All the Best!

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