What are your thoughts about Baby IIMs?

2 years ago

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Sachin Mandot
Alumni | IMT Ghaziabad
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Pratik Ranjan
Current Student | IIM Lucknow (Since 1984)

Hello, Sachin! 
The situation at Baby IIMs, point blank, is grim. They are married by a plethora of problems: 
*Low/No infrastructure
*Part-time/Visiting faculty
*No permanent campus(for most of them)
*Poor peer mix
*Abysmal placements
*Hardly any extracurricular activities
*Excluded from all Inter-IIM fears/meets/competitions
*No industry standing (with zero alum base)
Said enough? Well these are only a few paint points. It's hardly worth joining a baby IIM when you stand a chance of joining other better non-IIM B-Schools. 
Good Luck!. 

2 years ago

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  • Chirag Shukla

    So what is the point of mentorship by older IIMs then? And why are they excluded from inter-IIM meets?

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