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What are your thoughts on balancing work with CAT Preparation?

What are your thoughts on balancing work with CAT Preparation?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 1 year ago

Very very tough. I am writing this answer in the middle of a 5-minute break that I have taken in the middle of a 3-hour study session after a 9-hour job; and I have it easy to be honest. People in IT companies are working longer hours, not to mention the additional travelling time. 
But I think doing a job is a very underrated task, often neglected by those in a hurry to do an MBA. It has certainly helped me rediscover why I want to do an MBA, along with teaching me skills and giving me the exposure that I would not have gained by directly joining a management institute.
I also feel that working professionals are able to study more effectively. A job clearly defines your time allocation for different tasks, which brings out the most efficient study methods in working professionals. 
Yes there is fatigue and distractions apart from CAT prep and work. But I guess if you want to make it big for the next 60 years, you have to slog for this 1 year. 
Totally worth it.

Prepared for CAT 2017 without a job, preparing for CAT 2018 with a job

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