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What can be the disadvantages of being at an IIM?

What can be the disadvantages of being at an IIM?

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
asked 12 months ago

We all talk about how IIMs are prestigious and dream B-Schools for everyone. 
But one hears a lot about IIM students dropping out. In 2015-16, 104 students had dropped out of IIMs (out of a total of 2000 including IIT students)
So clearly, either there is a significant disadvantage of being at an IIM, or the drop-outs are unable to cope with the academic rigour.
Which one of the two is it, in your opinion? Or is there a third element involved?

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Joining an IIM is a dream-come-true for many aspirants. But not everyone does proper research before joining an IIM (or any B-school for that matter). No business education (especially MBA) will be a piece of cake (in India or abroad). Some institutes are known for the rigour in their curriculum. But the real question is, whether it is all a hype or is there any truth to it? Well, to put it bluntly it isn’t all a hype. Yes, joining and surviving the “rigour” that any B-school puts you through is not a cakewalk definitely. But can you do it? Well, if I quote your numbers, there’s a 95% (1896/2000) chance that you can (I will not go into the statistical analysis of the past year’s trends to prove that it is more or less than 95%. Let us take the figures of 2015-16 as given). And as anyone can see, the odds seem to be in your favour. The first year seems tough, not just because of academics, but because of the whole nascence of the students to the journey of a B-school. A B-school is not like a typical academic institution where people study, sit for exams, clear them and that’s about it. It’s the experience that counts. There is multitude of activities on and off campus, relative grading, summer placements etc. that the students have to deal with, which makes the first year at a B-school comparatively more difficult than other courses. But as philosophical as it may sound, time heals all wounds. People get used to it. You make friends who support you and vice-versa throughout. You learn the tricks of the trades and eventually life tends to get a little smoother by the end of the first year. But if you happen to survive the first year (and chances are that you would), you would come out a much different person that you were when you came in. You learn to manage your time (among other things) well. You learn the importance of every rupee and every minute. And you learn to value relationships (not just for the sake of networking but for their very essence).

Rishi Rao, MBA Aspirant

replied 12 months ago

Its true. First year was tough, guess too tough for me, so I left. Almost a different world of which never wanted to be a part of.

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