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What can one do for enhancing the CV in 2 months?

What can one do for enhancing the CV in 2 months?

Can one do anything to get some good CV points in the 2-3 months of summer preparation?

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Aroon Koshy, XLRI Jamshedpur answered 1 year ago

A B-school offers a lot of opportunities during the first two months to enhance one’s CV. They can be anything from Committee selections, to participating in sporting events or cultural events. It can also be something like participating in competitions happening outside the institute. It is important that a person with a weak CV participates in these events as sometimes you may also get cv points for participating. Although they may be weak CV points, but many students also need points as they do not have content for a one page CV.

I had a weak CV when i came to the institute. I could not fill a one page CV also. However, i participated as much as I could and got valuable CV points. Ultimately, I landed an intern with a very good company.

Please be more specific about skills etc.

CV preparation is one of the most tedious tasks of Summer Placement preparation at a B-school. From taking a trip down the memory lane to articulating the achievements to highlight your potential, everything just seems so overwhelming once one enters a B-school. Sometimes, it seems that we have not achieved enough in comparison to those around us. But eventually it’s a competitive process, so in order to have an edge over others in this race, here are a few things one can do:
1. Enroll in short-courses: There are multitude of Courses online available on Marketing, Finance or any area of expertise you prefer which can be completed in a couple of weeks of your CV preparation.
2. On-campus competitions: Any vibrant campus would provide ample opportunities for you to participate and garner CV points for the same.
3. Academic projects: The projects of the courses in the first term can be done diligently to get some value addition to your profile.
4. Online competitions: There are many online competitions available which can be participated in to get those lucrative CV points.

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